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Roofing repairs and installations demand excellence, attention to detail, and a creative eye. With years of professional roofing experience and a passion for assisting local clients, this is a roofing contractor that sets high standards every step of the way. For clients wanting the best results and high-quality roofing solutions, there’s no better option in the region right now. Do not compromise on quality, performance, and efficiency when it comes to your roof as it is a foundational part that should be handled with care.

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    Qualified Roofing Contractor in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

    Roofing projects require the ability to understand the root cause of the problem and/or which materials are best for your roofing needs.

    This is going to vary from situation to situation making it essential to have a competent roofing specialist working on the project.

    With years of professional expertise and the desire to keep learning, this is the ultimate fit for those who want certified specialists on-site.  Each roofing specialist working on this team has the necessary experience, knowledge, and national credentials. This is ideal for those who don’t want to settle for anything short of the best. By having a reputable professional working on your roofing repairs and/or installations, it makes it easier to know the results will be in line with your demands.


    The Pittsburgh Roofing Guys has decades of roofing experience and the willingness to keep learning, this is the right option for those who want to go with the best roofing contractor on offer. Our team has worked on local rooftops, recognizes the underlying materials, and will know what to look for when it comes to a growing problem on your roof.

    Having this type of experience on-site makes all the difference in the world.It will fill you with confidence knowing an experienced professional is taking the time to work through your roofing layout to determine what the core issue is. 

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    Roofing Services That We Provide

    There’s no job too big or small we roof it all!

    Why Choose Us?

    This is an image of a professional roofing contractor doing roof inspection and maintenance on a tower.


    Choosing a reputable roofing contractor is a must. This ensures the right professional works on your rooftop and will not compromise on quality results. Whether this includes the finishing, materials being used, and/or the consultation phase, each detail is integral to a world-class solution.


    Take the time to reach out to a trusted roofing contractor and feel in control of the process from day one. This is what ensures you see appropriate results and don’t have to deal with shoddy results that will breakdown in a hurry. We are a reputable roofing contractor that has been working in the region for a long time and is noted for delivering world-class results to all of its clients.

    State-of-the-Art Materials

    One of the most important details to focus on as a client is the materials being used. It is this detail that is going to make or break how effective the roofing solution is whether it’s for repairs or installations.


    With 100% verified materials being used for roofing projects in the region, you will know quality is never going to be in question here. The team vets everything whether it is a surface-level material or something that is going to be inserted inside the bottom layers.



    Each aspect of the roofing project is going to be handled with utmost care to ensure you are not sacrificing durability or performance. This is due to the exceptionally well-regarded materials that are used based on local conditions and what the property needs moving forward.

    This is an image of a commercial steel roofing.
    This is an image of a roofing contractor replacing roof shingles.


    Not only does this roofing contractor take the time to offer exceptional results but also affordable rates at the same time. This is a win-win for clients wanting the best of both worlds and are hoping to see quality work being done on their rooftop.


    If the goal is to save money and get the best “bang for your buck” Deal then it is time to start here. This is a roofing contractor that takes pride in going the extra mile and working with clients on finding the right deal for their situation.


    All it takes is a detailed consultation with a leading roofing specialist to learn more about what can be done for your needs.

    Customized Solutions

    Each roofing project is going to be unique and that is why it’s important to understand all of your options with the help of a qualified roofing specialist.


    This is a roofing contractor that takes the time to go through everything during the consultation phase. This includes building a complete strategy for how the roofing project is going to unfold including how it is going to be personalized.


    Focus on these details as you go through them one by one knowing the team will do what is in your best interests without ignoring your vision.

    This is an image of a commercial metal roofing with solar panels installed.
    This is an image of a residential property using roof shingles for the roofing.

    Cutting-Edge Results

    The finishing is always going to matter for roofing repairs and replacements.


    This is a team that is noted for offering comprehensive results and that includes seamless finishing from end-to-end. Take the time to go through this part of the roofing project by analyzing the work being done and the materials being used.


    Everything is going to be in working order to ensure you are fully satisfied with the results.


    The joy of knowing the roofing solution is not only going to look good but will also last for a long time cannot be stressed enough. This is a must for those who want a world-class solution that is going to age gracefully and continue to be a great investment for your property. When it comes to cutting-edge results, no one does it better.

    Your Hometown Pittsburgh Roofing Company

    We’ve been doing roofing in Pittsburgh for 35 years, and chances are you’ve already heard about us. 

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    This is an image of a contractor repairing roof and installing new roof shingles.

    Customer service is an integral part of finding a competent roofing contractor.

    If the goal is to ensure the team is willing to listen to what you have to say and is going to take your vision into account then it is best to start here. This is a world-class roofing contractor that will always put your needs first.


    This makes it easier to feel confident in the work being done and how everything unfolds. Whether it is maintaining an open line of communication or simply illustrating what will happen throughout the process, customer service always matters.


    Feel free to discuss everything with the contractor and feel in control of the process from day one. This is what makes a real difference and ensures the results are up to par with your needs.

    When it comes to the results, this is a roofing contractor that is passionate about offering the best possible results every time. This includes going through rigorous quality assurance testing to make sure everything works as intended. To back this up, the team offers a complete warranty solution based on performance and durability. Clients will know they are getting the real deal and will have everything backed by the company.


    Choosing a qualified roofing contractor is essential and it starts by focusing on the fundamentals. With years of experience, passion, and a willingness to work hard for clients, it’s easier to see the results you’re after. A competent roofing specialist will take the time to go through each detail, assess the root of the problem, and make sure a personalized solution is found for your situation. It is this attention to detail that makes life easier for clients in the region.


     If the goal is to go with the best roofing contractor in the area then it is best to start here. Call The Pittsburgh Roofing Guys now and book a detailed consultation to learn more about your roofing options whether it’s time for repair work or a complete replacement.

    This is an image of a new roof installation on a residential property with white walls.

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