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The Importance Of Rain Gutter Installation And Why A Professional Should Do It

The foundation and roofing are perhaps the two most crucial parts of your house. While one is below and the other above, the two are related. The foundation should keep the building standing, firmly grounded, and support the upper structure. The foundation can also help keep out the elements. The roofing shelters the inside of your house from the elements, debris, and creatures, protecting your family and belongings.

Your house’s integrity can be compromised if the foundation is damaged, especially if the problem is water-related because the roof system does not funnel it properly. Rain gutter installation can remedy the problem, but when it is done correctly. That is why a professional roofing contractor should handle the installation.

How Gutters Should Work

When it rains, the water collecting on the roof runs down the slope to the edges with substantial force. However, a roofing system with gutters will effectively channel the water along the edges, directing it to the downspouts installed at the corners so that it flows safely to the ground. The spouts will ensure the rainwater flows away from the walls and foundation. The same thing happens when the snow and ice start thawing.

With the gutters in place, you prevent the foundation and walls from being eroded and sustaining water damage. Moreover, a properly done guttering looks good, giving the roof’s edge a pristine, professional finish.

The Types Available

You should know the advantage and disadvantages of the different gutter types available so that you pick what best suits your preference and home’s needs. The options available include:

Steel Gutters – You will have a strong and highly durable gutter system that can last a lifetime if maintained properly to mitigate rusting.

Aluminum Gutters – Inexpensive and the most widely used option compared to steel or PVC gutters. Aluminum is lightweight and has excellent resistance to harsh weather and the elements; thus, it can outlast steel gutters.

Copper – Costs less than steel gutters, and you also enjoy copper’s natural brilliance in the guttering. However, you must consider sealing if you want to keep your copper gutters from discoloring.

Vinyl or PVC – An affordable and lightweight guttering solution that requires little maintenance. PVC or vinyl gutters are sturdy and do not discolor, or rust, and thus are the perfect gutter installation choice.

Gutter Installation, Inspection, And Other Professional Services

It would be best if you inspected your gutters annually, especially before the rains. Clear any debris that makes the gutter system heavy and impeded the flow of water. Also, look for any visible undamaged and call your gutter installer to repair or do a replacement. The best thing is to leave the job to a gutter installation and maintenance specialist.

You might be surprised by how affordable the installation can be, and you can get a seamless, customized, low-maintenance gutter system. It will have a good slope for proper water flow, guiding it to the downspouts. The professional installer will ensure that the downspouts terminate at least two feet from your house, directing the water away from the foundation and preventing puddling spots and water damage.

If you need to repair your old gutter system, replace it, or need a new gutter installation, we are the roofing experts for the job. Call us to know more about our gutter installation, inspection, and maintenance services.

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