Roofing Company Winter Tips

Winter is upon us once again. If you live in Pittsburgh Pa, the season will bring frigid temperatures and precipitation that could make life on your roof miserable. So what can you do to help protect your home? Call our team at Roofing Company Pittsburgh.


Roofing has many different materials with different characteristics for winter weather conditions. One of the most common types of roofs is wood shake roofs which are very popular for their aesthetics but have more problems than other roofing options during the wintertime. These types of roofs are made up of long slats of wood attached to each other at a slight angle to allow water to fall off easily during storms or high winds. Unfortunately, if these shingles don’t have adequate ventilation underneath them they can absorb moisture more quickly due to their length and reduce the lifespan of your roof. this will cause you to have to call a roofing company in Pittsburgh.


In Pittsburgh Pa, asphalt shingles have been the most common type of roofs because they are strong, inexpensive, and easy to install. They do lack insulation though which can be a downside as it makes them more likely to absorb heat from the sun. This causes melting on top of your roof which can cause damage to other materials or shorten out its lifespan. To solve this issue you should consider getting white reflective shingles that reflect heat away from your roof before it becomes a problem during wintertime. These types of shingles also last longer than standard black asphalt varieties so you could see greater savings over time with these products.Roofing Company using a drone for inspections.


Cedar shake roofs are another option for homeowners looking for a natural type of roofing. This wood is lightweight and easy to install but also needs an adequate amount of ventilation underneath as well as a way for water to be able to leave your roof easily. It may not be the most practical option for homes during the wintertime due to its lightweight nature which could cause it to lift away from your home during cold weather or high winds.


Metal roofs are very popular with Roofing Company Pittsburgh due to their durability and great insulation capabilities. They do a good job at protecting your home from both heat and cold especially when combined with other materials such as radiant barriers or thermal reflective barriers that keep heat inside your house during wintertime. The only downside is they can become noisy during rainstorms so you should consider an additional layer between your ceiling and the metal roof which will dampen these sounds.


Other types of roofs include single-ply membranes, shingles with a built-in radiant barrier, and a modified bitumen material. Single-ply materials are good for protecting your home from heat but do not offer enough insulation to protect you during cold weather. The other two options do offer some protection against cold temperatures but don’t offer great insulating abilities as the metal roof does.


Ultimately, Pittsburgh Pa homeowners should consider how much wintertime affects their roof when deciding what type of material they want to use. Ask yourself if you need more insulation against extreme temperatures or if you would prefer something lightweight that can withstand high winds and rainfall. Every region has different conditions so make sure you check with your roofing company to find out what would work best in your area.