Roofing Pittsburgh Pa

Roofing in Pittsburgh Pa is a unique business. This is because of many factors such as the climate, and the city’s architecture. One main factor that helps roofers in their jobs is how much precipitation we receive each year. The average amount Pittsburgh gets each year is about 40 inches (Dmoch, David). That number seems daunting until you find out that within those 40 inches we can get thunderstorms with heavy rain at times, but also it may be light rain throughout the entire day too! What does this mean for roofs? When it starts to rain and there isn’t any thunder, most people don’t think twice about if their homes or businesses have a problem with their roofs.


Roofing Pittsburgh PaIt also doesn’t help for those who want everything waterproofed, or have a beautiful roof. Our summers are brutal and so our winters aren’t much better either. This all leads to roofs that will leak when the seams may not be sealed properly, or when there is hail damage with no shingles left on the house.


One way Pittsburgh reduces its amount of precipitation is by having buildings that can hold back most of it before letting any of it go into the groundwater system (sewers). This helps with many things such as keeping basements dry and also how we get rid of stormwater in general. When there is heavy rain and most roads and sidewalks start to flood, you know there has been too much rain for our sewers to handle alone (Sewage Treatment Facilities – Pittsburgh Bureau of Environmental Services). So it’s a good thing our roofs are designed to help out with the excess!


Pittsburgh’s roofers have been quoted as saying that “metal roofs are the best roofs for Pittsburgh.” This is because they don’t expand and contract depending on the temperature as other roofing materials do. They also last much longer than traditional asphalt shingles.


When hiring a roofing company in Pittsburgh Pa, be sure to ask about what kind of materials they plan on using. Also, research what type of roof would be best for your home or building. Our climate changes so often, it’s important to be prepared for anything! Call our team at Pittsburgh Roofing Guys in Pittsburgh Pa.